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The Webclub is a reserved area for the customers of JenaSurgical. This online platform is designed to offer important communication, clinical and promotion tools like presentations, manuals and much more. It’s an exclusive range of services offering high added value to users all around the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit and we are always at your disposal through the contact form.

Starting Kit

The Starting Kit contains all the necessary materials that are indispensable for using the laser system. From the user manual to the cleaning instructions and the declaration of conformity. The instructions for use explain the correct and safe use, for an optimal treatment of the patient. Depending on the serial number of your device, the manual may differ from the latest version. In this case, please contact your local representative or Asclepion Laser Technologies.

Press Kit

The Press Kit contains digital advertising materials (texts and pictures) for the creation of individual posters, advertisements, websites in order to educate about the applications and technologies.


JenaSurgical offers numerous videos as well as webinars that can be used for workshops, trade shows, websites, social media and to educate your own patients. Please also use our YouTube channel.

B2B Tools

The B2B tools include the product brochures, presentations, pictures and studies books to best utilize and present JenaSurgical’s technologies with your features, USPs and clinical experience. A clear and consistent image is a fundamental requirement. For this reason, a set of rules has been compiled in the Corporate Design handbook to help you deal correctly with the individual elements. It has also been determined how they interact to create a coherent image.


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