CO₂ + Diode laser Microsurgery:
The only workstation combining CO₂ and Diode
for minimal-invasive applications

SmartXide² Accessories


HiScan Surgical
Hi-Scan Surgical is the new scanner for SmartXide² applied in surgical operations with simple and intuitive functions for a perfect and fast action in robotic surgery.


EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator
The EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator is a high-precision electromechanical device that connects the CO₂ laser with a surgical microscope or colposcope in order to laser surgery easier and as accurate as possible.


Handpiece with focal length 5” (Stomatology)
The  Handpiece with focal length 5” is suggested in ENT for Stomatology applications (Mouth and Palate).


Handpiece with focal length 8” (L.A.U.P.)
The Handpiece with focal length 8” is suggested in ENT for L.A.U.P.


Endoscopic Handpiece Kit
The Endoscopic Handpiece Kit includes the handpiece, two waveguides and six probes. It is suggested for ENT in endonasal surgery. A hollow flexible waveguide has to be linked to the handpiece. The doctor can choose between two different waveguide lengths: 65 mm, 86 mm or 162 mm. For each waveguide there are three types of probes: straight, with 90° or 120° mirror.


Cooled handpiece
The Cooled handpiece is the only one that is able to deliver cool air or water at the top of the tip. This handpiece can be used with special cooled tips or if the doctor does not want to use cooling, can mount disposable or non-disposable tips.


Adjustable handpiece
The Adjustable handpiece has an external wheel to move the fiber up and down during endodontic treatment, where control of the position of the fiber tip is very important in order to maintain a safe distance from the apex.

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