Thank you to Dr. Kanne for his webinar on August 27th about HOLEP and Mini-PCNL with our holium laser MultiPuse HoPLUS. More than 30 interested viewers from all around the world participated and enjoyed this informative session. Watch the recorded session now:

On June 12th at 9 pm CEST, Dr. Martin Kanne, KEH Berlin, hosted a Spanish webinar again.  In this presentation, Dr. Kanne will informed about the importance of HoLEP procedures. He also talked about equipment as well as the actual surgery and its procedure, including videos of previous surgeries. A big thank you to Dr. Kanne for this webinar.


A big thank you goes to Dr. Rolf Studer for presenting „CO2 Laser in ENT – 20 years of experience“. Dr. Studer is a specialist for ENT and since 2008, he is a part of Spital Schwyz working with lasers almost his entire career. In his presentation he talked about his experiences with working with CO2 lasers in treatments of larnx and pharynx. Watch out this space – we will upload the video soon so you can watch the session anytime you want.

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