CO₂ Laser Surgery: Power, Automation & Micrometrical Precision for Microsurgical Excellence

MultiPulse PRO Family Accessories


HiScan Surgical
Hi-Scan Surgical is the new scanner for MultiPulse PRO applied in surgical operations with simple and intuitive functions for a perfect and fast action in robotic surgery.


EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator
The EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator is a high-precision electromechanical device that connects the CO₂ laser with a surgical microscope or colposcope in order to laser surgery easier and as accurate as possible.


CO₂ Surgical Laser Handpieces
There are different surgical handpieces for many applications All of these are composed by three different parts to allow the sterilization without any risks:  an external central part (Handpiece Body), an internal part (Focal Assembly), a distal part (Spacer).


Endoscopic Handpiece Kit
The Endoscopic Handpiece Kit includes the handpiece, two waveguides and six probes. It is suggested for ENT in endonasal surgery. A hollow flexible waveguide has to be linked to the handpiece. The doctor can choose between two different waveguide lengths: 65 mm, 86 mm or 162 mm. For each waveguide there are three types of probes: straight, with 90° or 120° mirror.


The Waveguide – Hollow Fiber*
The Hollow fiber is a a waveguide for the most flexible CO₂ laser surgeries within the MultiPulse PRO Family. The MultiPulse PRO DUO offers real innovation with its revolutionary Hollow Fiber, since its opens up completely new treatment possibilities such as minimally invasive ENT procedures, which call for maximum precision and flexibility in technologies. The Hollow Fiber can be used with handpieces of different shapes, depending on the surgeon’s needs. The suitable, flexible lightguide handpieces are intended for procedures in ENT, gynecology and general surgery.

*only for MultiPulse PRO DUO

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