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About MultiPulse PRO Family

The MultiPulse PRO Family consists out of two CO₂ laser devices, the MultiPulse PRO and the MultiPulse PRO DUO. They are used for ENT Microsurgery, General Surgery, Surgical Dermatology and Colposcopic Gynecological Surgery. Suitable for all photoablation treatments, it facilitates the work of surgeon thanks to the synergy of the following technologies:

SmartPulse to control the laser’s emission parameters;

EasySpot micromanipulator, with zoom the laser beam spot reduction to microscopic dimensions, suitable for operating on narrow surgical fields;

HiScan Surgical, that allows to choose the most suitable scanning setting for microsurgical procedures. The scanner features ESLA technology (Electronic Scanned Laser Ablation) for complete control of the density, type and scanning speed, ablation depth and coagulation percentage when cutting.

HiScan DOT*, the ideal scanner for dermatological applications, which can work both fully ablative and fractionated. (*only available in combination with ENT/GYN accessories)

Hollow Fiber (only for MultiPulse PRO DUO), a waveguide with suitable, flexible lightguide handpieces for ENT, neurosurgery and general surgery. The waveguide allows easy delivery of laser energy to the target tissue and it is ideal to treat hard to reach areas.

The MultiPulse PRO Family supports the surgeon daily and contributes to the success of surgery, with significant positive effects on the post-operative recovery time and the patient’s quality of life.

Both systems, the MultiPulse PRO and MultiPulse PRO DUO, enable surgery with intuitive technology that is remotely manageable directly from the EasySpot micromanipulator’s joystick, without having to look away from the operating field.
A practical and intuitive Touchscreen simplifies the setting of the correct parameters based on required applications. 25 protocols dedicated to ENT Microsurgery and Gynecology guide the surgeon in their daily work.

MultiPulse PRO Family applications


Transoral Laryngeal Microsurgery: cordectomy and cordotomy | papillomas and laryngeal polyps (including diffuse papillomatosis) | cordal nodules | benign neoformations | Reinke’s edema | laryngocele | hyperkeratosis laryngitis | scar tissue | granuloma | congenital web | leukoplachia and erythroplasia | primary laryngeal tumors | surgery after unsuccessful radiotherapy | paralysis in adduction of the vocal chords | laryngotracheal stenosis | laryngeal amyloidosis
Middle Ear Surgery: stapedotomy and myringotomy
Oral Surgery: leukoplakia |erythroplaksia|papilloma | hemangioma | tumors (e.g. glossectomy) | Zenker’s diverticulum | choanal atresia | LAUP (Laser Assisted Uvulo palatoplasty) | tonsillotomy & tonsillectomy
Nasal Surgery: turbinate reduction |septoplasty |removal of nasal obstructions, polyps, synechiae | rhinophyma | cheloids and hypertrophic scars
Tracheobronchial Tree: stenosis, nodules, polyps, tumors
Head & Neck: resection of tumors in sub-facial and neck areas


Colposcopy: cervical, vaginal, vulvar and anal acuminate condylomas | cysts and abscesses of Bartolin’s glands | cysts of the mucosa | various degrees CIN up to invasive or initial-stage carcinomas (IA1) | fornix and cupola pathologies (VAIN, vaginal endometriosis, condylomatosis) | VIN | Bowen’s disease | Queyrat’s erythroplasia | bowenoid papulosis | leukoplakia (vulvar dystrophy) | polyps | perivulvar and perianal fistulas | precancerous endoanal lesions | dysplasia of lower genital tract


Breast surgery (e.g. mastectomy and mammoplasty) | cysts | decubitus ulcers | wound debridement

Clinical Gallery

Polypoid Cortidis

(A) Polypoidcorditis. Treatment with CO₂ laser. (B) 6 months follow-up.

[Courtesy of F. Algaba MD. ENT Department, Donostia Hospital – Spain]

JenaSurgical Product Range

MultiPulse HoPLUS

MultiPulse HoPLUS is a holmium laser device characterized by great flexibility and efficiency, which is a must in centers of excellence for endourology. Recommended for both surgical treatment of BPH and endoscopic Lithotripsy.

MultiPulse Ho

MultiPulse Ho is a surgical holmium laser with a max power of 35W, dedicated to applications in endourology and more. It is the go-to device for endosurgical lithotripsy for the treatment of urinary tract stones and stones in the bile ducts.

MultiPulse PRO Family

MultiPulse PRO Family is the CO₂ laser surgery family used for ENT microsurgery, general surgery and colposcopic gynecological surgery. Suitable for all photoablation treatments, it facilitates the work of surgeon thanks to the synergy of advanced technologies.


The SmartXide² system with CO₂ and diode laser sources is one of the most versatile and cutting-edge solutions available in the surgery market. It is suitable for precision microsurgery in ENT, gynecology, neurosurgery and general surgery.


QuadroStarPRO is the table-top diode laser system with a compact and ergonomic design, dedicated to phlebology and endovascular laser treatments, but also successfully used for a wider range of endosurgical applications thanks to its versatility.

MultiCut Solo

The MultiCut Solo is the first stand-alone morcellation system by JenaSurgical. It can be used to complete the set of instruments of an edourologist who is using a laser system without an integrated morcellator, even if it is not a system by JenaSurgical.

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