We Stay Ahead of Progress in Surgery with Innovation and Performance

We boast a know-how of over 30 years in the development and distribution of laser systems for surgical applications.

We are based in Jena, Germany, in the optical centre universally known for the historical presence of industry leaders.
Our mission is to assist surgeons in operating rooms around the world with unparalleled solutions which provide reliability, accuracy and precision.
Particularly in this sector, the development of high-quality medical devices goes hand in hand with the work in the operating room. Therefore, our vision is to understand the needs and goals of those who use our workstations. Our solutions are designed for quick and safe surgery with simple and intuitive interfaces.

To Innovate and Improve Continually
We anticipate the needs of a constantly evolving sector, combining the experience and expertise of an interdisciplinary team of doctors and engineers with the production capacity of large companies from which we originate.

Support – Total Quality Simplifies Life
Our customers can count on total quality in terms of technology and efficiency of the global network of assistance for the resolution of any problem.
To simplify the use of our products we organize regularly workshops and training programs to occur in-house or at an accredited clinic and taught by expert faculty, worldwide international corporate and clinicians
Furthermore, direct contact with the company, dedicated apps and user-conferences represent advantages that are highly appreciated by specialists who have adopted our machines.

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