The use of lasers in ENT surgery is common practice today. Thanks to the evolution of laser sources, the surgical otolaryngology approach has been revolutionized by the ability to perform minimally invasive, highly precise surgery, suitable for a wide range of treatments for diseases of ear/nose/throat.

CO₂ laser are mostly used in ENT, particularly appreciated for the high degree of precision in cutting combined with an excellent coagulation effect.

MultiPulse PRO Family and SmartXide² , the CO₂ laser systems by Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH, represent a turning point towards surgery that is easier, faster, safer and more effective. Technological developments and the ongoing scientific research took the MultiPulse PRO Family and SmartXide² beyond ordinary use, i.e. having e.g. a decisive impact on laser technology for ENT.

The SmartXide² system further enhances the well-known advantages of CO₂ laser surgery. Its innovative RF CO₂ laser source, featuring exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, generates pulses (U-Pulse) specifically designed for surgical applications, which operates in total synergy with the HiScan Surgical scanning system.

The energy density achieved with a small focused spot combined with high peak power and ultra-pulsed emission mode provides advanced performance in photoablation, especially when using the EasySpot Hybrid micromanipulator and the surgical microscope.

The surgeon can simply control the main operative functions without having to look away from the microscope, thanks to the micromanipulator’s joystick. This allows perfect control of cutting depth, shape and size of ablation figures.

The main advantages of CO₂ laser surgery (with particular reference to the transoral laser microsurgery):

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Low morbidity
  • Possibility of operating on elderly and /or debilitated patients and/or with pacemaker
  • Shorter hospitalization (cut in healthcare costs)
  • Results of surgical oncology equal to or even better than those of traditional surgery

These laser systems are excellent surgical instruments, characterized by remarkable hemostasis ability and reduced lateral thermal damage.

Learn more about how CO₂ laser microsurgery can guarantee the best performance in the operating room for ENT.

In addition to the CO₂ source, recognized as the gold standard for ENT applications, also the diode lasers (SmartXide² and QuadroStarPRO) from the Asclepion Laser Technologies GmbH product range are used in ENT, primarily in middle ear surgery, in endonasal surgery and in oral surgery.

Finally, thanks to the photomechanical action, the Ho:YAG (MultiPulse HoPLUS) lasers are used in ENT applications for the treatment of salivary stones (sialolithiasis).

In many cases, endoscopic laser lithotripsy is a viable minimally invasive alternative to transoral scialectomy or external sialoadenectomy procedures when too large salivary stones cannot be entirely removed from the ducts.

Main Treatments

Transoral Laryngeal Microsurgery: cordectomies and cordotomies | polyps and laryngeal papillomas (including diffuse papillomatosis) | cordal nodules | benign neoformations | Reinke’s edema | laryngocele | hyperkeratosis laryngitis | scar tissue | granulomas | congenital web | leukoplachia and erythroplasia | primary laryngeal tumors | surgery after unsuccessful radiotherapy | paralysis in adduction of the vocal chords | laryngotracheal stenosis | laryngeal amyloidosis

Middle Ear Surgery: stapedotomies and myringotomies

Oral Surgery: leukoplachias | erythroplasias | papillomas | hemangiomas | tumors (e.g. glossectomy) | Zenker’s diverticulum | choanal atresia | LAUP (Laser Assisted Uvulo Palatoplasty) | tonsillotomy & tonsillectomy | sialolithiasis (salivary stones)

Nasal, Endonasal & Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: turbinate reduction (for hyperplasia of turbinates) | septoplasty | removal of nasal obstructions (e.g. stenosis), recurrent polyposis nasi & sinuum, synechiae | rhinophyma | cheloids and hypertrophic scars

Tracheobronchial Tree: stenosis, nodules, polyps, tumors

Head & Neck: resection of tumors in sub-facial and neck areas

Clinical Gallery

Clinical case

One Shot - technique CO2 laser stapedotomy

CO₂ laser stapedotomy – One Shot Technique

[Courtesy of S. Dallari, M.D. Director of the ENT Operating Unit – Hospital of Fermo, Italy.]

Related Products

MultiPulse HoPLUS

MultiPulse HoPLUS is a holmium laser device characterized by great flexibility and efficiency, which is a must in centers of excellence for endourology. Recommended for both surgical treatment of BPH and endoscopic Lithotripsy.


QuadroStarPRO is the table-top diode laser system with a compact and ergonomic design, dedicated to phlebology and endovascular laser treatments, but also successfully used for a wider range of endosurgical applications thanks to its versatility.


The SmartXide² system with CO₂ and diode laser sources is one of the most versatile and cutting-edge solutions available in the surgery market. It is suitable for precision microsurgery in ENT, gynecology, neurosurgery and general surgery.

MultiPulse PRO Family

MultiPulse PRO Family is the CO₂ laser surgery family used for ENT microsurgery, general surgery and colposcopic gynecological surgery. Suitable for all photoablation treatments, it facilitates the work of surgeon thanks to the synergy of advanced technologies.

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